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Eyelash Extension Service Team

Passionate about Lashes

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Owner and lead technician Hidemi is from Japan which is considered by many in the Eyelash industry as the leading country for the quality of training required for technicians, as well as for the highest quality Eyelash products that are designed and manufactured in Japan.

With over 12 years experience in Tokyo, London and Marbella, Demi is a certified Eyelash Technician and has provided her services to design Eyelash extensions to Cat Walk models and a leading modelling agency in London.


Demi has also used her skills to train up an array of other Eyelash Technicians.

With a true commitment to advancing the best techniques and products in the Eyelash industry, Demi’s experience and knowledge will give you the comfortable feel and look you are looking for from your Eyelashes.

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