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Premium Lashes - Made In Japan

All Eyelash products directly imported from Japan

Our premium Eyelashes and glue will give you a longer lasting look (up to 6 weeks) with none of the irritation and stinging.

Our lashes are perfect for enjoying the Marbella lifestyle and hot climate, and our premium glue allows you to swim after only 2 hours.

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Premium Soft Sable / Flat Lash

Exclusive to Diamond Lash Marbella

Premium Soft Sable Lashes are the finest, lightest and softest of all lashes on the market, without compromising on design.

You can enjoy a natural feeling, airy light non-irritable lash.


Our high quality products are all made and imported directly from our suppliers in Japan.

All our products are made by medical and beauty experts that meet the highest standards of the Japanese Cosmetics Industry.

Don't take our word for it:  

Please ask in the salon for a comparison of our premium lashes to the standard eye lash extensions that are commonly used in Europe so you can look and feel the difference in quality for yourselves.

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